Some words of reflection on Pope Francis’ exhortation “Gaudium Evangelii”

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Dear friends, here is a suggestion for your reflection: Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium of the Holy Father Francis, n.107:

“Many places are experiencing a dearth of vocations to the priesthood andconsecrated life. This is often due to a lack of contagious apostolic fervour in communities which results in a cooling of enthus iasm and attractiveness. Wherever there is life, fervour and a desire to bring Christ to others, genuine vocations will arise. Even in parishes where priests are not particularly committed or joyful, the fraternal life and fervour of the community can awaken in the young a desire to consecrate themselves completely to God and to the preaching of the Gospel. This is particularly true if such a living community prays insistently for vocations and courageously proposes to its young people the path of special consecration. On the other hand, despite the scarcity of vocations, today we are increasingly aware of the need for a better process of selecting candidates to the priesthood. Seminaries cannot accept candidates on the basis of any motivation whatsoever, especially if those motivations have to do with affective insecurity or the pursuit of power, human glory or economic well-being.”

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