Holiness – Service Through Love

Jul 26, 2021 | Faith Today

The modern world says knowledge is power. But St. Bernard recognised that knowledge is only useful when it is directed to the loving service of others. In this way, we cooperate with our God who is love primarily by serving others. A priest is a person who God invites in a special way to serve others.


Often we do not approach God as readily as we would like. St Bernard appeals to the fact that we have been created in the glorious image of God as the grounds for confidence in our approach to Him:

“Why should it not venture with confidence into the presence of him by whose image it sees itself honoured, and in whose likeness it knows itself made glorious? Why should it fear a majesty when its very origin gives it grounds for confidence?… Why then does it not set to work?”

Sometimes we do not turn to God, who loves us more than we could ever imagine. St. Bernard reminds us that God’s mercy is always available to a person who turns to him:

“My opinion us that all those who lack knowledge of God are those who refuse to turn to them.”

We are encouraged to always and everywhere turn to God, who is always caring for and looking out for us and wants what is best for us and the whole world.